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The Berkshire Music Project is an effort to produce CD's and concerts of local musicians. Most of the CD's will be compilations, made with the intention of giving exposure to as many Berkshire musicians and different musical styles as possible in an accessible way to the public.

The mission of the Berkshire Music Project is:

1) To give emerging musicians an outlet to be heard.
Mostly singer/songwriters will be looked at for these projects, and at some point this will expand into electronic, classical, and more. Giving exposure to these musicians is to be accomplished through producing CD compilations of local music as well as arranging for local concerts.

2) To give exposure to the local music scene to help the Berkshire art community to grow.
Through CD production, concerts and advertising the BMP will help to build the Berkshires as a music center.

3) To bring the music community together.
By having a common place where local musicians record and network, artists are brought together to collaborate, creating music which they would not normally have the opportunity to do without the support, influence and help of others.

4) To help musicians without finances.
The BMP does not charge musicians to be recorded for a BMP album. Many musicians on the first BMP album had never been recorded before, and possibly never would have because they could not afford the high costs of most recording studios. The BMP encourages new musicians without finances to record for one of the compilation albums. This allows for them to gain valuable experience working in a studio as well as the opportunity to be recorded and produced with no financial investment on their part.

5) To encourage musical youth.
The BMP strongly supports young musicians and encourages them to be recorded for a compilation album. The BMP has found a lot of talent in high school aged youth and is aware that these musicians often bring a fresh approach to music that is very valuable and should be supported. The BMP also encourages them not to let their age interfere with their goals and gives them an opportunity to experience a studio environment early in their lives. In doing all this, the youth also have the chance to become aware of the realities of the music world, giving them more information on which to base decisions such as which direction they would like to take their music.

6) To encourage musicians to produce their own albums.
Often musicians are their own worst critic and will often stifle their musical growth if not given proper encouragement. Rather than facing the challenge up front of recording an entire album, the BMP allows musicians to record a few songs without any commitment. This allows for musicians to get comfortable with the idea of working in a studio (an experience new to a lot of them), as well as to hear what their potential is through recording. Many times, after a song is recorded, harmonies and other instrumentation are added and a professional mix is made. From listening to these mixes, a musician gains an important confidence in what he or she is capable of. This encourages them to produce their own albums which in turn benefits the entire Berkshire music community.

The Berkshire Music Project was founded in the summer of 2000 by Gabriel Klavun as a way to give Berkshire musicians an accessible way for their music to gain exposure. A number of musicians were recorded and 14 songs were selected to make of the first BMP CD compilation album. Funding for this CD was arranged for by Great Barrington's Railroad Street Youth Project.

Where we're at:
The Berkshire Music Project is not currently active. This site is here for informational purposes only.